The food world is moving fast, and it’s tougher than ever to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Consumers expect more than top quality and great taste—they also want to know they’re eating food that’s safe, wholesome and sourced responsibly.  And you want to know you’ll have an uninterrupted supply of the ingredients you need to capitalize on opportunities and win over consumers.

At Bongards, we’re ready to be your trusted cheese supplier. More importantly, we’re determined to be your partner. As a farmer-owned coop with over a century of cheese-making expertise, we can meet all your cheese category needs with an assured supply chain, a broad selection, and the know-how to create products to your exact specifications.

Assured quality and supply

Bongards brings you the experience to deliver consistent, high-quality cheese in the quantities your business demands.

  • Bongards Natural, Process and Imitation cheeses are made from our own milk
  • Our family-owned farms ensure consistent supply
  • A vertically integrated supply chain assures quality from raw ingredients to customer delivery

Flexibility to meet your changing needs

When you need special flavors, product styles, packaging or delivery options, count on Bongards to deliver what you ask for, and more. Our flexibility and can-do attitude help you adapt faster to market opportunities.

  • More than 350 cheeses to meet all of your category needs
  • Custom packaging, cuts and styles for unique requirements
  • Knowledgeable experts to support the specific business needs of foodservice, food processing, retail/deli and C-store customers

Innovation to help you stand out and compete

If you have a special flavor, performance or nutritional need, Bongards is ready to take on your toughest cheese challenge.

  • Expert R&D team with specialized experience in versatile process cheeses with exceptional melt characteristics
  • Extensive expertise in formula matching and reformulation to improve product performance or reduce costs
  • Leaders in clean label initiatives

Channels We Service:

Read about the Bongards tradition of quality, innovation and service excellence.

To place an order, call your distributor or contact your Bongards sales representative.

Instead of buying cheese on the open market, we make the vast majority of our products ourselves, so we can control quality, freshness and consistency.