From your refrigerated case to your deli case

Choose the unique goodness of Bongards cheese to boost your turns and create valuable repeat traffic in your store. 

Retail: A Minnesota favorite with a loyal following

  • Bongards-branded cheeses are treasured by countless consumers across the upper Midwest — with special appeal to shoppers who “buy local”
  • Choose from a wide variety of natural and process offerings and get the flexibility you need to build a winning cheese section
  • Get timely delivery and specialized service geared to your unique demands

Deli: A diverse lineup for prepared dishes or product sales

  • A versatile portfolio of products — highlighted by our 5 lb American Loaf, which is ideal for your sliced cheese section and perfect in your prepared foods
  • Flavor and consumption trend insights to help you maximize the appeal of your hot and cold prepared foods
  • Broad and reliable distribution to ensure timely delivery

Top 10 Cheese Options for Retail & Delis

  1. (102421) Bongards Yellow Processed American Slice - 72 V - 8/3# 
  2. (102431) Bongards White Processed American Slice - 72 V - 8/3# 
  3. (202631) Bongards Yellow Processed American Loaf – 6/5# 
  4. (202641) Bongards White Processed American Loaf – 6/5# 
  5. (753101) Bongards Cheddar Fancy Shred -12/8 oz 
  6. (403211Bongards Bacon Processed Cheese Food – 10/1# 
  7. (202661) Bongards Processed American Jalapeño Pepper Loaf - 6/5# 
  8. (404301) Bongards Yellow Cheddar Block - 4/5# 
  9. (101851) Bongards Yellow Processed American Slice - SOS - 12/12oz 
  10. (101911) Bongards Yellow Processed American Cheese Product Slices - IWS - 12/12 oz 
Channels We Service:

Instead of buying cheese on the open market, we make the vast majority of our products ourselves, so we can control quality, freshness and consistency. 

Find the right cheese with ease — pick your flavor, form and more and get results in seconds. 

To place an order, contact your distributor or contact your Bongards sales representative.