Supporting our Customers as they Innovate and Grow

We have robust capabilities to support customers as they innovate and grow.

High-output production facilities

We are equipped to meet our customers’ volume requirements with three state-of-the-art plants, each optimized for efficient, high-volume output. Dual production capabilities enable us to ensure customers an uninterrupted supply.

High-touch product development support

An innovative spirit has always been at the heart of Bongards’ success. Our in-house R&D lab is staffed with a team of food science, chemistry and dairy experts who collaborate to introduce unique, new flavors and product styles that help our customers differentiate their menus and product offerings. 

We have the know-how to develop custom products for virtually any customer need—from flavored slices that complement a QSR’s specific protein profile to applications requiring restricted melt cheeses to signature taste profiles for unique LTO concepts, and more. Our R&D team has extensive product matching and reformulation experience, and can work closely with you to replicate flavor, nutrition and performance, improve product profiles or reduce costs.

Small-batch pilot plant

Customers can take advantage of our on-site pilot plant to help speed up testing and time to market. We can closely duplicate large-scale commercial processes and test products in finished applications.

Product testing and analysis

We can help you with regulatory mandates, labeling and analytical testing to validate the physical attributes of your products. We also offer sensory testing to assess new product acceptance.

Culinary support

Bongards offers delicious, trend-based menu and recipe concepts to help restaurants differentiate their brand and schools to boost participation, all while winning consumers’ loyalty. We can also provide testing in your specific culinary application to ensure product performance.

Channels We Service:

Instead of buying cheese on the open market, we make the vast majority of our products ourselves, so we can control quality, freshness and consistency. 

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