Avocado Toast’d Burger

Bongards® Natural Swiss Cheese, avocado spread, fresh pico de gallo with smoky crisp bacon all on slices of a toasted sourdough baguette. Long live the avocado!


Avocado toast is found on 1.6% of menus, but has an increasing growth of 111.4% over one year and 2440.1% over four years. This concept is paired with Arugula 10% of the time and with sourdough 9% of the time, making these obvious choices in the build below.

Source: Datassentials 2018



  1. Cook burger until almost done. Add slice of swiss cheese on top until melted.
  2. Cook bacon as per package instructions.
  3. Mash avocado into spread.
  4. Toast both slices of bun. Add the avocado spread onto one slice of toast.
  5. Place bacon, greens, and burger on one slice of toast. Top with pico de gallo and other slice of toast.