Breakout Breakfasts: Why protein is powering the all-day opportunity

More and more foodservice operators are jumping on the “all-day breakfast” train, and it’s easy to see why. According to Technomic’s Consumer Trend Report series, about 35% of patrons wish restaurants offered breakfast fare for lunch, and 30% wish restaurants served breakfast food for dinner.

Why? It’s not just about the treasured tastes, unique flavors or simple convenience that breakfast favorites provide; it’s about the heartiness and staying power that these meals deliver, too.

Protein-powered satiation

Consumers have moved beyond the zero-carb diet craze and are using eggs, bacon, sausage and other classic breakfast proteins in a smarter, more balanced way – adopting a more functional, “food as fuel” mentality to forge a healthier lifestyle. In embracing the all-day breakfast phenomenon, more Americans are waking up to protein’s many benefits:

Fill ‘em up – it’s nutrition that stays with you, staving off distracting hunger pangs.

Muscle maintenance – fitness enthusiasts use protein to build muscle and rejuvenate muscles after workouts.

Energy – high-quality proteins provide sustained energy, without the notorious spikes and crashes that come with carbs.

Affordability – dollar for dollar, eggs are one of the most affordable protein options out there.

Easy, cheesy breakfast builders

It’s easy to take traditional breakfast proteins like eggs, sausage and bacon and add some cheesy goodness to create signature dishes with all-day appeal. Focus on quality precooked ingredients – such as premium egg patties, scrambled eggs and precooked sausages – for home-style meals you can assemble in minutes. Try these Breakout Breakfast” Recipe Ideas:

Egg & Cheese Pot Pie – simple yet satisfying breakfast fare featuring wholesome eggs and Bongards American or Cheddar Shreds, baked in a mini pie crust.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Calzone – an all-day favorite featuring Bongards Provolone and Mozzarella Shreds or Slices.

Fried Egg Chorizo “Burger” – a spicy way to kick-start your guests’ day, with a home-style fried egg patty stacked with a zesty chorizo sausage patty and melted Bongards American or Pepperjack Slices on top.