The Flaming Gaucho

Onions and jalapenos seared into an all-beef patty and topped with shredded BBQ brisket, crispy jalapenos strips, Bongards® Natural Cheddar Cheese and signature Carolina grill sauce that will make your inner child happy.


BBQ Brisket is paired with cheddar cheese on 15% of U.S. menu instances, jalapenos at 15%, and burgers 10% of the time, making this dish the perfect blend of ingredients. Brisket has seen a large 16.4% growth in the last year with a penetration of 1.2%. Though this dish isn’t widely served, it’s protein rich build and complimentary flavors is sure to be a favorite for any seasonal or menu mainstay option.

Source: Datassentials 2018



  1. Slice onion and saute or caramelize.
  2. Slice jalapenos and cook until tender
  3. Divide hamburger into 4 patties and cook or grill with the brisket.
  4. Toast buns and layer on all ingredients.
  5. Enjoy!