Green Chile Burger

It’s the creamy texture of Bongards® Pepper Jack Cheese Slices and its special kick that unite the flavors of this inventive Green Chile Burger concept. Combine a juicy ground chuck patty, slice of fiery Pepper Jack and sunny-side-up fried egg. Top it all off with a freshly toasted brioche bun and a dollop of green chili relish – fused from chopped chilis, garlic cloves, and sriracha sauce – for an on-trend burger that’ll spice up your sales.



  1. Chop up 8 green chili peppers into quarter inch squares. Seed the peppers first if you are looking for a lighter spicy flavor.
  2. Mince 4 garlic cloves and add them to a small bowl with the chili peppers.
  3. Take beef and form 4 beef patties.
  4. In a medium frying pan, cook patties until done. Set aside.
  5. At the same time, cook 4 eggs sunny side up in a small frying pan.
  6. When either the eggs or patties are done, add the butter to the pan and toast
  7. Enjoy!