Launch a Street Style Build-Your-Own Sausage Bar

C-store operators are increasingly looking outside of their segment for inspiration to invigorate their food programs. Build-your-own concepts have become the “it”­ thing in fast-casual, and they present an equally promising way to bring new life to a C-store staple: the hot dog kiosk. Here are some ways to pull this off:

  1. Expand your meat lineup – add a bit of variety with turkey, chicken, andouille or chorizo sausages or try flavor infused varieties like habanero, apple and bacon, or roasted garlic and mushroom.
  2. Bun up – the right bread can make all the difference so add in a pretzel, onion, poppy seed or premium white bun to your selection.
  3. Go all-out on toppings – from basics like pickle relish, tomato, sauerkraut—to higher-end twists like guacamole, salsa, fruit relish, chili, grilled onions and bacon crumbles.
  4. Blast beyond ketchup and mustard – with additional condiments, such as spicy mayo, tomato bacon jam, sriracha, steak sauce and Tzatziki.
  5. Cheese makes everything better- a creamy queso dip with Bongards Supermelt or some Bongards shredded cheddar will add the perfect finishing touch to any sausage.

Consumers crave control—and a build-your-own bar in your C-store will give them an engaging way to personalize their grab-n-go meal and best of all it will help you differentiate from your competition!