Premium Natural Cheeses by the Slice

Upgrade your menu and liven up your sandwiches, burgers, wraps and other menu items with award-winning cheeses from Bongards! Enjoy pre-sliced convenience without sacrificing consistent quality and exceptional performance.  Your students will love our natural slices, made with our own milk for unmatched quality that we control from our farms to your kitchen!

Premium taste and quality in portion-perfect slices

Stay fresh and on-trend

  • Address today’s desire for wholesome, natural options
  • Choose from five popular, on-trend, cheese flavors

Natural goodness and quality

  • Our natural cheeses are rich in protein and calcium
  • Naturally lower in sodium than process slices
  • Reduced fat cheddar available

Make prep work fast and efficient

  • Slices peel away easily saving time so you get food to the table faster
  • Students enjoy consistency with perfect portions every time

Your natural cheese line up

CHEDDAR – Cheddar cheese tops the list of favorites for dressing up burgers. The fresh flavor of our savory natural cheddar slices elevates a standard burger or sandwich into premium fare.

PROVOLONE – Natural provolone slices will also add authentic Italian flair to your sandwich offerings. These slices are especially great on hot sandwiches since the provolone flavor intensifies as it melts.

PEPPER JACK – The desire for bold, adventurous flavors is growing, and Bongards’ spicy natural pepper jack slices deliver. They’re a quick, convenient way to add zesty flavor to your sandwiches, burgers, wraps and pasta.

SWISS – Bongards Natural Swiss Cheese Slices melt beautifully, making them a popular pick for hot or cold sandwiches. The mild, sweet and nutty flavor makes Swiss slices a go-to favorite.

MOZZARELLA – Add an authentic Italian twist to any dish with fresh-flavored, Natural Bongards Mozzarella Slices. Mozzarella is one of the most popular cheese choices for today’s sandwich lovers, and it’s perfect for chicken Parmesan, meatball subs or other Italian sandwiches.

REDUCED FAT CHEDDAR  – Bongards Natural Reduced Fat Cheddar Slices are a great way to add in natural slices while following FDA school requirements. Use our reduced fat cheddar to a punch of flavor to any burger or sandwich.