Quit Loafin’ Around: Do More With Versatile Process Loaves

It’s no secret that foodservice inventory space comes at a premium. That’s why you must source versatile ingredients that can be utilized across your menu, to not only optimize your storage but also reign in food costs and waste. Process cheese loaves are one such product, flexible enough to be used in menu items from breakfast to dinner. Here’s how you can leverage process loaves in your operation:

  • Slice it – Grab your deli slicer and make your own slices for sandwiches and wraps. Adjust the thickness for application-tailored performance: thick for extra indulgence, or thin to drive cost savings.
  • Shred it – Nothing beats freshly grated cheese for its superior melting qualities. Plus, its applications are endless—from breakfast to dinner—it helps give any meal signature appeal.
  • Melt it – Grab a loaf, dice or shred it, and melt it down for a smooth and creamy queso dip that will satisfy any football fan. Or, use it in a creamy soup such as beer or broccoli cheese soup.