Street Side Goes Inside

C-Stores Leverage Food Truck Trends

Street food is one of today’s breakout trends. All over the country, pop-up shops and food truck vendors are dreaming up and dishing out innovative fusion cuisine. And now we’re seeing that the popularity of street food is heading off the street and jetting into more traditional commercial foodservice establishments.

Savvy C-store operators can tap into this hot trend to freshen up their flavors and deliver must-have experiences. Street fare is typically affordable—suiting the C-store price structure—easy to make, and convenient for store-goers, too. Plus, it’s often in a grab-n-go format, ideal for quick pit stops to “refuel” their bodies.

An offshoot of the street food trend is the rising build-your-own phenomenon. Think frozen yogurt bars, made-to-order subs and personalized pizzas. According to the June 2015 Consumer Food Trends Report from Technomic, restaurants with a create-your-own format increased year-over-year sales by an average of 22% in 2014.

Build-your-own concepts will continue to charge full speed ahead in fast casual and quick-service environments. But why not try a Build Your Own Sausage Bar in your C-store? It totally fits! Customers will love the ability to easily customize their food, making it more fun to grab a quick bite and add value to their experience.