Texan Breakfast Burger

Wrap your fists around this Texas sized cheeseburger, layered with 100% rib-eye beef patty, Bongards® Natural Pepper Jack Slices, fluffy farm fresh eggs, diced onion and pepper with a slice of warm ham all between slices of golden Texas Toast. Is it just for breakfast? You decide.


Breakfast burgers are currently found in 1.7% of US menus and are a staple in many Americans’ morning meals. It it is often paired with eggs and American cheese 97% and 26% of the time respectively. It also tends to be an easy menu addition, since many quick service and mid-casual restaurants already have Texas Toast in their ingredient pantry. The breakfast burger is expected to grow 17.3% in 2019 and 106.8% over the next four years.

Source: Datassentials 2018



  1. On a griddle, cook rib-eye patties, warm ham slices, toast both sides of toast, and cook eggs to desired style.
  2. While ingredients are cooking, finely chop up the green onions.
  3. Stack ingredients onto one Texas Toast slice with the eggs and onions on top. Cover with the other Texas Toast slice.
  4. Enjoy!