Truffle Butter Burger

Sautéed onions, Bongards® Natural Sliced Mozzarella, 100% angus beef on a toasted brioche bun, fresh picked spinach and a smear of white truffle butter. Simplicity is best when it leaves you wanting more.


Truffle butter is most often paired with onions 14% of the time, beef 12%, and spinach 8%. This winning ingredient is found on 1.2% of US menus, and shows a growth of 27.4% over the past year. It is currently projected to increase its growth to 70.2% over the next four years, a significant increase. Truffle butter delivers umami flavors to any build without overpowering the other flavors found in the menu concept. It is elegant and ubiquitous, which allows for various changes in the other ingredients such as the cheese type.

Source: Datassentials 2018



  1. Cut onion into rings and saute over high heat in pan.
  2. Cook beef patties in a pan or on a grill until done.
  3. Toast all halves of the brioche buns after onions and patties.
  4. Add 1 tbsp of truffle butter on each bun and add spinach leaves, patty, sauteed onions, mozzarella, and top with the other half of the bun.
  5. Serve and enjoy!