Our process cheeses taste and perform better because they’re made with our rich, creamy Bongards natural cheese. 

In fact, customers are always impressed with the flavor, creaminess and melting performance of our offerings, especially versus the competition. And we have products with all the characteristics you demand — a wide variety of flavors, specific colors, multiple melt profiles including restricted melt, and more.

Slices- Available in timeless flavors such as American, Swiss, Pepper Jack and Mozzarella or custom profiles such as habanero and chipotle. We offer a variety of slice sizes and counts as well as reduced-fat, reduced-sodium and restricted-melt offerings to help you with special health and performance needs.

Blocks & Loaves- Versatile loafs in popular flavors that you can easily shred, slice or dice — with various melt options and convenient sizes to choose from

Shreds- American shreds that deliver an amazing melt in any application

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