Our rBST Free Portfolio!

Bongards only accepts rBST free milk from our farmers. We have worked with our suppliers to ensure that other dairy-based ingredients used in our products are also rBST free.

As a result of these efforts, 100% of our finished products are now rBST free and are marked as such in our K-12 and Foodservice catalogs.

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*The FDA has stated that no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST treated and non-rBST treated cows.

Our Co-Op

The Bongards Cooperative is made up of hundreds of family-owned farms, many carrying on a legacy reaching back generations. Our vertically integrated supply chain allows us to control the integrity of our ingredients, ensuring we always deliver high-quality cheeses to our customers. With over a century of dairy expertise, we can confidently meet all your cheese category needs with an assured supply chain, a broad selection, and the know-how to create products to your exact specifications.

Our Capabilities

You deserve more than just a product, which is why we also provide consistency through our vertical integration, assured supply chain through our high-output, dual production facilities, and exceptional service and support. Here's what sets us apart:

What is rBST?

rBST is simply an artificial form of BST, a naturally occurring hormone found in milk produced by bovine cows. Many farmers use rBST to maximize the amount of milk produced in the cow's lifetime. Though there is a push in the market to move away from the rBST hormone, the FDA has found no significant difference between milk derived from rBST treated and non-treated cows.

Our Product Offering

Bongards offers a large assortment of cheeses designed to meet your current and future menu needs. Our portfolio includes natural, process, and imitation cheeses, ensuring that you find the right product for your application and operation. If you need a special size, form or flavor, or have a unique performance challenge, we are ready to take it on. Getting the best cheese is even better - because with Bongards, you will get it your way! If you would like to speak with a sales representative about our products, click the button below!