Bongards whey proteins are high in nutrition, functionality and versatility. 

These characteristics make them indispensible ingredients for today’s product developers. Our innovative, low-temperature processing system produces superior whey proteins in their most natural state — or we can craft instantized options for improved dispersability in your applications.

Choose from our exceptional whey portfolio and get industry-leading: 

Variety- Use our cost-effective Deproteinized Whey as a whey replacer or try our Regular & Instant 80% WPC and WPI options, and Pc-Protein

Health Attributes- Our whey products deliver positive nutrition and are Kosher, Halal and EU approved

Versatility- Choose from our multi-wall kraft paper bag or a bulk, lined tote

Explore our full product lineup:

Find the right cheese with ease — pick your flavor, form and more and get results in seconds.

To place an order, call your distributor or contact your Bongards sales representative

Explore innovative, cheesy menu concepts that will create a buzz for your establishment.