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The Bongards Cooperative is made up of hundreds of family-owned farms. Many are run by farmers carrying on a legacy that reaches back countless generations. We believe in shared success and look at business from a sustainable, long-range view. Our goal is to continually invest in tomorrow as we address the needs of today.

Our vertically integrated supply chain allows us to control the integrity of the milk supply that goes into our cheese—to ensure we always deliver a high-quality product. For our customers and yours, we have a long tradition as a dairy supplier who puts quality first.

Quality begins with our farms. All Bongards member farms adhere to the rigorous guidelines of the Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program, ensuring the safety of our products and ethical treatment of our animals.  Each farm receives visits from Bongards field service staff, independent auditors, and state inspectors.

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Why is DPAD important?

The Domestic Production Activity Deduction, (DPAD), is a tax deduction generated due to our manufacturing operations and our vertical integration.  We are able to pass it through to our members to lower their taxable income.

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