Natural Cheese

The surest way to boost demand for your offering is to use a superior cheese. Since we control our cheese’s quality from the source and make it from our own milk, our products taste like no other! Bring the rich, magical melt and flavor of Bongards Natural Cheese to your lineup.

Blocks – Premium selections in 1 lb. and 40 lb. blocks, with the expected high quality of natural cheeses

Shreds – Fancy and feather shreds in a variety of flavors and blends including reduced-fat options. Delightful on pizzas, in entrees, and in sauces

Slices – Our unique patent-pending process creates a unique natural slice with an easy peel, affordable price, and creamier taste – available in five popular flavors

Single Serve– Nutritious and convenient options that your C-store, school and on-the-go customers will love

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Patty Melt

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