Fueling Student Learning

Nourishing children so they can learn and grow is a big responsibility. We’re proud to help you meet that challenge with a variety of protein packed, calcium rich cheeses designed for school menus. Click here to download our K12 Product Catalog.

Introducing Bongards Single-Serve Shreds!

  • On-the-go, pre-packaged cheese shreds are great options for prepared lunch kits and in-school meals. Product details can be found here.
  • Featuring benefits like saved time and labor, reduced waste and packaging, improved food safety and branded appeal. Learn more here.

Superior Taste And Nutrition

  • Boost participation with the superior taste and creamy texture of Bongards Premium Cheese
  • Delicious, reduced fat and sodium cheeses help you meet child nutrition requirements without sacrificing flavor
  • High quality products deliver proper MMA levels — see our Bongards Formulation Statements – SY 21/22 for details
  • Nutritious Smart Snacks offered for your a-la-carte program
  • Unique, on-trend flavors make your breakfast and lunch menus memorable

Convenience And Savings

  • Convert your cheese allotments into ready-to-use products with our commodity processing program – see our K-12 Calculator
  • Versatile shreds and slices save time and make meal preparation easier
  • Various process cheeses will maintain the perfect melt throughout your serving period