Make it Better with Bongards

Create distinctive items that satisfy consumers and build your brand. Bongards cheese is ready to deliver the taste, quality, and functionality needed in your final product offerings. Found in appetizers, soups, dips and sandwiches, Bongards is the partner you can trust.

Find a list of our available products in our Industrial Product Catalog – available at right and in PDF.

Bongards Industrial Product Catalog

A Team Player

  • High volume, dual production facilities ensure an uninterrupted supply to keep your lines running
  • Speed your time to market with our small-batch pilot plant and product analysis
  • Lean on our research and development team to lock down product profiles or match products

Superior Products

  • Vertically integrated supply chain provides a reliable, consistent product
  • Proprietary cheese formulas provide unique performance and flavor characteristics
  • Sustainable farming and responsible animal welfare practices keep you on-trend with the market
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BBQ Short Rib Cheese Soup

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