Ingredient Integrity & What It Means For Your Menu

More than half of all Americans pay attention to the ingredient lists of their food, according to a study by the International Food Information Council Foundation. It’s a growing trend, as maintaining and improving health has taken a more central role in daily life. This sea change has produced a more knowledgeable and active food consumer—one who seeks food with the best nutrition for their bodies.

So today, when these patrons dine out, your menu becomes their primary focus—and not just for flavor. They’re looking for ingredient integrity: high-quality ingredients that are sourced and prepared responsibly, and deliver the nourishment their body needs. Your menu’s job is to communicate this information and set your guests’ expectations.

Not only must your dishes align with their preferences for healthfulness and authenticity, but so too must the messaging on your menu. Appeal to their cravings with artfully written descriptions that break through and reinforce pertinent messages, such as “sustainable,” “clean” and “organic.”

Working with quality ingredient suppliers, such as Bongards, can help you bolster your reputation with this growing market segment. As a farmer-owned dairy co-op, we maintain tight control over our supply chain, allowing us to safeguard the integrity of the milk we use and the cheese products we deliver—enhancing your menu and your brand.