Pub Cheese Sauce

Dip a pretzel into this zesty pub cheese dip made with golden ale, stone ground mustard, a splash of heavy cream, Bongards® Yellow American Cheese, and a garnish of mild cheddar shred. Perfect as an appetizer or just a creamy, mid-day snack.


Beer cheese is any bars favorite appetizer. The cheese pairs with pretzels 61% of the time, cheddar 25%, and mustard 23%, which can all be found in the recipe below. Though it’s menu penetration is only at 1.8%, it’s 1-year growth is 31% and 4-year growth is a whopping 124%! This cheese dish is perfect for a party appetizer or game day snack.

Source: Datassentials 2018



  1. Add all ingredients to a heat-resistant mixing bowl and blend together over a Bain Marie until homogenized.
  2. Serve with a few cheddar shreds and pretzels if desired.