The Magic in Bongards American Slices

Creating American cheese is an art form and no one takes their craft more seriously than the cheese makers at Bongards!  To make the best American cheese we must start with the best natural cheddar cheese which is made from our own farmer’s milk at our plant in Perham, Minnesota.

Each of our process cheese recipes is specifically crafted to deliver on the desired taste and performance our customers demand.  We make slices that range from slider size to hoagies and everything in between.  Some of our products are formulated to have a restricted melt while others deliver on a delicious, creamy flavor profile that will make your patrons gobble up your offering.

Our R&D team also does custom development working with customers to match current products or to develop completely new ones!  They have created flavors like and IPA American, Bacon American, Smoked Cheddar, and Buffalo Bleu Cheese.

Some of our most popular American slices are: