Nourishing children so they can learn and grow is a big responsibility. 

We’re proud to help you meet the challenge with a variety of protein-packed, calcium-rich cheeses designed especially for school menus. 


Great taste and nutrition for your students

  • Boost participation in your meal programs with the superior taste and texture of premium Bongards cheese
  • Delicious, reduced fat and reduced sodium cheeses help you meet child nutrition requirements without sacrificing flavor
  • High-quality products deliver wholesome goodness with proper M/MA levels — see our Bongards Formulation Statements - SY18 for details
  • Unique, on-trend flavors make your breakfast and lunch menus more exciting
  • Portable, single-serve cheese cups and sticks are perfect for a la carte lines and after-school snacks


Convenience and labor savings for your staff

  • Convert your cheese allotments into ready-to-use products through our commodity processing program
  • Versatile shreds and slices save time and make meal preparation easier
  • Smooth-melting process cheeses will maintain a perfect melt throughout your serving period — ideal for burgers, sandwiches, soups and sauces
  • Nutritious recipe ideas help keep your menu cycles fresh
  • Responsible, sustainable farming and animal welfare practices win students’ and parents’ trust

Top 10 Cheese Options for Schools

  1. (100541) Bongards Yellow Reduced Sodium & 25% Reduced Fat Processed American Slice - 160 H - 4/5# 
  2. (755071) Bongards Low Moisture Part Skim Mozzarella Feather Shred - 4/5# 
  3. (755191) Bongards Yellow Cheddar Feather Shred - 4/5# 
  4. (402951) Bongards Mozzarella String Stick - 168/1 oz 
  5. (100381) Bongards Low Moisture Part Skim Mozzarella Slice - 160 P - 4/5# 
  6. (103411) Bongards Processed American With Hot Peppers Slice - 120 H - 4/5# 
  7. (481201) Bongards Cheddar Cheese Sauce Cup - 192/3 oz 
  8. (101321) Bongards Yellow Reduced Fat Process American Slice - 160 H - 6/5# 
  9. (755711) Bongards Yellow Reduced Fat Cheddar Feather Shred - 4/5# 
  10. (100491) Bongards Yellow Processed American Slice - 160 V - 4/5# 
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Find the right cheese with ease — pick your flavor, form and more and get results in seconds. 

Explore innovative, cheesy menu concepts that will create a buzz for your establishment. 

Trade your cheese allotments for value-added products you can use as you need them.