Looking for consistent performance and flavor plus stable pricing that improves your cost control?

Try our Unique® imitation cheese products.

Formulated for hot and cold foodservice and food processing applications, Unique® products are available in classic flavors and popular forms. They also feature lower cholesterol and calories than dairy cheese and many are trans-fat free as well as lactose-free, to help you appeal to consumers with health or dietary restrictions. 

Choose from these versatile forms, each featuring reliable value, long hold times and full or restricted melts:

Slices- Easy-peeling slices that won’t weep or dampen on a sandwich

Blocks & Loaves- Versatile products in a variety of sizes and flavors, ideal for operators who shred or slice on-premises or want reliable melting for queso dips and casseroles

Explore our full product lineup:

Find the right cheese with ease — pick your flavor, form and more and get results in seconds.

To place an order, call your distributor or contact your Bongards sales representative

Explore innovative, cheesy menu concepts that will create a buzz for your establishment.